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Laura Studebaker

Owner / Vacation Agent

Laura is an avid traveler, having taken trips to many parts of the world including her three favorites: Alaska, Hawaii and Jamaica. 


Laura has planned the Happiest Vacations for many clients to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and more! 


Laura also has years of planning experience in family vacations, including trips to Disneyland Resort in CA and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  


Laura lives in Arizona with her daughter and two shih tzus.  She is an active member of her church and community. 


Laura helps children and families with special needs in various capacities, including working part time in a public school and planning accessible trips.


If you're looking for help with your vacation planning,


Contact Laura today!


"Anyone can book a trip, but we plan the Happiest Vacations."

Pamela Coetzee

Vacation Agent Specializing in Disney and Universal

Pamela has traveled all over the USA since she was a child.  Being driving distance from Florida and South Carolina,  she spent many summers and weekends visiting the beach. 

Family vacations with her parents and brother were primarily long road trips visiting our majestic national parks. 

Pamela was fortunate to have grandparents who lived in close proximity to Walt Disney World.  Every visit with her grandparents would also bring her to her second home, Walt Disney World.

Only after traveling to Disney with her husband and their two little boys on their very first trip did she realize the same magic her parents had seen in her eyes all those years ago. That magic kept them going back.  

Pamela looks forward to helping you plan your Walt Disney World vacation.  She hopes to share that same magic with you and your family.

Contact Pamela today! 

Nicole Burkett

Vacation Agent Specializing in Cruises and the Caribbean

Coming Soon!

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